Schumacher Espalier Collection 2021

The owner of one the mills Neisha had been working with for years came to see her with his agent on a routine visit. He was struck by the amount of designs that she had hanging up on the studio walls, not yet produced. He also spotted her newly published book ‘Life of A Pattern‘ and which he took back with him .The following week Neisha was on a train to the mill in Brussels to discuss developing new designs. As a result of this, a few years later Neisha produced the ESPALIER collection of weaves, prints, wallpapers and trimmings with Schumacher.

Christopher Farr Neisha Crosland 2019

It was a meeting with Michal Silva the creative director of Christopher Farr Cloth to discuss a book she was writing on designers Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher, that led to the decision to do a collection together. Michal has a signature colour sense and eye for quality hand screen printing that she uses so brilliantly to bring together a group of different design personalities and styles under one roof .Neisha is in the company of her design heros Raoul Dufy and Barron and Larcher .

George Spencer Neisha Crosland 2014

Neisha met Tim Walters, the Creative director of George Spencer, when she was working at Osborne and Little as an art school graduate. On a visit to her studio some years later, he spotted some colour trials of textures she was designing for a scarf collection for Hankyu Department Stores in Japan. He liked the idea of enlarging them and digitally printing them for wallpapers.