Christopher Farr Neisha Crosland 2019

It was a meeting with Michal Silva the creative director of Christopher Farr Cloth to discuss a book she was writing on designers Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher, that led to the decision to do a collection together. Michal has a signature colour sense and eye for quality hand screen printing that she uses so brilliantly to bring together a group of different design personalities and styles under one roof .Neisha is in the company of her design heros Raoul Dufy and Barron and Larcher .

George Spencer Neisha Crosland 2014

Neisha met Tim Walters, the Creative director of George Spencer, when she was working at Osborne and Little as an art school graduate. On a visit to her studio some years later, he spotted some colour trials of textures she was designing for a scarf collection for Hankyu Department Stores in Japan. He liked the idea of enlarging them and digitally printing them for wallpapers.