14th May 2024

With it’s fresh and bucolic mood, BOTANICA is the fourth collection to join Haveli, Floris and Modernist in a growing library of collections with surface specialist De Ferranti. Five handmade and hand painted terracotta tile designs in two to four colourways each, some designed to be used in pairs.  Simple floral and organic drawings are screen printed and painted by hand onto a crackle eggshell glaze terracotta base. Each tile is slightly different due to the handmade aspect, and they have a beautiful non-uniform patina. The result is a charming, pretty, distinctive and elegant collection. Available now from De Ferranti.


4th December 2023

Inspired by Emil Nolde’s watercolours of flowers, mixed with influence from folk art decoration, CAN-CAN is Neisha’s latest hand embroidered design, launched in long-standing collaboration with Chelsea Textiles. Neisha says of this floral motif “Lined up in rows, they reminded me of cabaret dancers doing the Can-Can”. Available now in three colours Faded Yellow, Pale Pink and Antique Blue from Chelsea Textiles.


11th September 2023

F. Schumacher are now distributing a number of Neisha’s fabric ‘Classsics’, some available in beautiful new colours. In addition, this collection includes ‘Classics’ designs being used on fabric for the very first time! View the full collection here.


1st May 2023

Neisha is thrilled to announce that F. Schumacher are now distributing 18 of her ‘Classsic’ wallpaper designs, many available in beautiful new colours. Founded in 1889, Schumacher’s family-owned company has been synonymous with style, taste and innovation – comprehensive collections, an extraordinary range and an eye for the cutting edge. Stay tuned for a selection of ‘Classic’ fabrics also launching with them this September. View the full collection here.


22nd June 2022

MOGHUL PATCH LARGE, from the new collection of MOGHUL coordinating embroideries, beautifully crafted by Chelsea Textiles. Criss-crossing running stitches and french knots combine in rich, simple effect. Partner it with MOGHUL PATCH SMALL. Available in 5 colourways from Chelsea Textiles.


MOGHUL PATCH SMALL, from the new collection of MOGHUL coordinating embroideries, beautifully crafted by Chelsea Textiles. Criss-crossing running stitches and french knots combine in rich, simple effect. Partner it with MOGHUL PATCH LARGE. Available in 5 colourways from Chelsea Textiles.


Elegant and pretty, a new collection of 4 coordinating embroidered linen fabrics, in 5 colourways, expertly crafted by Chelsea Textiles. Neisha’s modern interpretation of Moghul ornamentation, reminiscent of the finest features of a Rajasthani palace, was sparked by a motif on an antique white embroidered sheer she found in India. However, its onion dome and trellis structure could suggest an Ottoman provenance, and the fine embroidery gives it traces of Jacobean blackwork embroidery. A rich mix of of fine lines, with lots of cross hatching, chain stitches and french knots. MOGHUL FLOWER, MOGHUL PATCH and MOGHUL BORDER are it’s offspring. Colours range from mustard yellow to sage green and dusty pink. Available now from Chelsea Textiles.


10th June 2022

ABSTRACT is a new addition to the ARTWORKS portfolio. Asymmetrically placed geometric shapes create dynamic compositions. Hand painted in gouache and inks on heavyweight Khadi Cotton Rag paper. Available in limited editions – singles, or as box sets containing the complete series. Viewing by appointment in the Battersea studio or via the ARTWORKS portfolio here. For all enquiries, prices and orders please email


Neisha has put together a group of hand painted floral artworks that have inspired her fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, carpets, and a lot of the embroideries that she has done in collaboration with Chelsea Textiles over the years. Ever since she spotted her grandfather’s edition of Culpeper’s ‘Complete Herbal’, the 17th century compendium of medicinal herbs and plants, she has been hooked on painting plants. Available in limited editions – singles, or as box sets containing the complete series. Viewing by appointment at the Battersea studio or via the ARTWORKS portfolio here. For all enquiries, prices and orders please email


9th March 2022

A set of lino cut prints that Neisha did as an art school project is the starting point for the Modernist Collection. A project that taught her ‘the joys of what simple motifs can do when they are arranged in a repeating sequence. My original designs were one colour mono print, but here I have separated the motif into two or three colours. At the time of making these patterns I did not have an art movement in mind. Looking at the results of the collection now, it has a feeling of Vienna Secession, Josef Hoffman, De Stijl and Bauhaus.’ Available in limited editions – singles, or as box sets containing the entire series. Viewing by appointment at the Battersea studio, or via the ARTWORKS portfolio here. For all enquiries, prices and orders please email


2nd March 2022

Gardenia is a new hand embroidered fabric launched in collaboration with Chelsea Textiles. A charming floral sprig, featuring detached chain stitches and french knots, available in seven gentle colours, from Chelsea Textiles.


3rd August 2021

Another of our iconic designs from the ‘Classics’ group, Hedgehog printed linen fabric, colour Putty Black, is now back in stock! Suitable for curtains and general domestic upholstery. A ripple of spokes, reminiscent of a bottlebrush, gives a soft, undulating wave motion like underwater seaweed. A continuation of what Neisha calls ‘witty geometrics’, and a recurring theme in her work – the repetition and arrangement of spokes. Please email all enquiries or orders to


2nd July 2021

A weave from our ‘Classics’ group of designs, Maize, colour Ivory, is now back in stock! A strong geometric with a hint of Navajo attitude. Please email all enquiries or orders to


10th June 2021

Long a favourite with our customers, Caterpillar Leaf wallpaper, colour Black & Cream is now back in stock! A Jack & the Beanstalk-like plant, with leaves that look like caterpillars. Inspired by an old Indian crewelwork cushion, belonging to a friend of Neisha’s. Also available in five other colours. Please email all enquiries or orders to


22nd April 2021

One of our most iconic and best selling wallpapers, Anemone, colour Black & White is back in stock this week! Inspired by the textiles of the fifteenth century Tsujigahana, and the Ginko Biloba leaf (with a nod to the eighteenth century Bizzare designs). Large fluid leaves and beaded spokes form a large scale repeat pattern. Also available in a Parchment colourway. Please email all enquiries or orders to


4th March 2021

We have temporarily taken over the distribution of our fabrics and wallpapers! We are pleased to announce we will be re-stocking some of our most iconic and best-selling lines, including Zebra Cut Velvet, colour Silver Blue (pictured) / Hedgehog Printed Linen, colour Putty Black / Small Zebra Flock, colour Plum String and Anemone Wallpaper colour Black and White. Please email all enquiries to


1st March 2021

Neisha says of the inspiration for this design: ‘An East Persian circa 1890 Doroksh Pictorial silk rug that I spotted on the cover of an auction catalogue was the spark for this design. The awkward, angular articulation of the branches of the tree depicted in the rug reminded me of a climbing plant, which led me to explore the geometric structures of espaliered and climbing plants. This gave me the framework for the repeat structure for the design, to which I pinned the little diamond shaped leaves with serrated edges. The change of colour along the stem and branches was an idea I took from looking at Suzani textiles – I love the way the thread colour changes in a Suzani flowerhead, leaf or tendril – it gives the design some movement and enormous charm.’ Available as a loop pile, Brussels weave in Buttercup, Delft Blue and Soot colourways, and as a flexo-printed wallpaper, in Bluebell, Delft Blue and Silver White colourways.’ View the wallpaper details here.


Neisha says of the inspiration for this design: ‘One of the first silk velvet devoré scarves I designed was a series of undulating semi ellipses – the two levels of velvet pile and silk chiffon devoré inspired this weave. I wanted it to create the look of the overlapping bands of samurai armour, carved stone and embossed leather.’ A cotton linen weave available in three colours – Mineral, Verdant Green and Ivory. View the fabric details here.


Neisha says of the inspiration for this design: ‘ I was looking at Elizabethan embroidery and the Mangosteen fruit, but the real trigger was a late 16th century needlework fragment of flora and fauna, with insects and birds, for an English bed hanging from the Antonio Ratti collection at the Metropolitan Museum New York. What I liked about the hanging was the stocky stance of the thick stem, and the design’s outline of gold. I turned it into a sort of ‘tree of life’ climbing deco pattern, lacing the edges of the stem and petals with gold and silver in the Silver White and Lapis colourways.’ Lapis and Jade are matching colourways for both the chintz fabric and surface-printed wallpaper. View the wallpaper details here.


26th February 2021

Neisha says of this loop pile, Brussels weave design: ‘A fine needlepoint rug, circa 1900, kick started this pattern. It was the movement in the concertina fold motif that worked its way across the rug between the roses and birds that I liked. I had the picture of this rug on my wall for a while, and when I was in the midst of researching espaliered structures, I came across the Arcure technique used for growing fruit – it is when the branches of the fruit tree are bent to help tilt the diffusion of sap. Whilst designing the collection, I went to an exhibition of the Op Art artist Vasarely at the Pompidou Centre in Paris – this inspired the Op Art look of the gradual ombre shading, that Vasarely used so effectively.’ Available in Cobalt and Zebra Black. View the fabric details here.


Neisha explains her inspirations for this design, and ideas for it’s use: ‘A combination of the pattern on a pair of chairs that I saw in an auction catalogue, Iznik Ottoman tiles in the harem section at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and espaliered trees. A panelled design – the branches are widely splayed like outstretched arms. The fabric edges are finished off with a vertical line of flowerheads. The panel effect on a wall or pair of curtains or back of a sofa will create an impressive and bold decorative statement. Both wallpaper and screen-printed silk fabric are matched in colour, so used together will add further to this bold decorative statement.’ Available in Ivory, Lavender and Mustard colourways. View the wallpaper details here.


Neisha says of the inspiration for this design ‘the metal lattice bathroom cupboard doors that I designed for my bedroom/bathroom gave me the large trellis/lozenge structure for this design. 16th/17th C Japanese kimonos and faded, peeling roman frescoes of bamboo trellis inspired the mood, and the strie streak in the background. I wanted a grand, heavyweight fabric with substance, and rich, deep colours to make a bold statement on an upholstered chair or sofa, that could be mistaken for an antique Japanese cloth.’ Available in Emerald, Saffron and Soot colourways. View the fabric details here.


Neisha and renowned American design house Schumacher have collaborated to launch the Espalier Collection – a combination of velvets, prints, textured wallcoverings and coordinating trims. Arcure, Hurdles, Kyoto Trellis, Queen Fruit, Thistle and Tumbleweed are the six designs, available in two or three colourways each. Available to view at the new Schumacher showroom, opening in March at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London. Explore the collection here.


16th December 2020

Handmade and handpainted, MODERNIST is a collection of 6 terracotta tile designs in 3 to 6 colourways each, some available in two size options. Finished by hand with various degrees of matt to glossy glazed colours, traces of the handmade brushmark in the glaze give the tiles a patina and warmth. Neisha says “the joys of what a simple motif can do when arranged in a repeating sequence” was one of the starting points for this collection. Available now from De Ferranti.


18th November 2020

Neisha has taken eight designs from her archives, going back to 1996, to make an elegant and delightful second collection of giclée inkjet posters. Printed in her south London studio on heavy Hahnemühle Fine Art archival paper. A limited edition of 100 signed, numbered and dated. These designs have graced walls, sofas and windows, printed and woven on to terracotta tiles or printed on silk and velvet scarves. There is a story behind each one, delightfully narrated in her book ‘Life of a Pattern’. Poster prices range from £70 – £200, printed to order. View collection here.


27th March 2020

Two beautiful new colours of Dovetail have been added to Neisha’s collection of vinyl floor tiles – Copper and French Clay are now available from Harvey Maria.


28th October 2019

To coincide with the hand painted artwork selling exhibition ‘A Portrait of Pattern’, running 29th October to 12th November at the Afridi Gallery, Neisha is in conversation with Shabaz Afridi, Director of the gallery, in a dialogue that explores our encounters with art – prompted by an arrangement of objects and furniture in the gallery.


‘Textile and surface pattern is applied to a three dimensional object via a method of manufacturing – so you could say it almost becomes as much about the solid object as it does the surface pattern. My first exhibition of hand painted artworks at the Afridi Gallery, London, gives me the chance to reverse this, and explore pattern within the confines of a dimensionally limited flat surface i.e. a picture. How much interest, I asked myself, can a good pattern hold for the viewer without it being attached to the solid object and the transformative alchemy of the manufacturing processes? Pattern, once in repeat, finds itself as well as loses itself……but what happens when you lift the motif out of context and lay it out in isolation?’ This selling exhibtion runs from 29th October to 12th November, at Afridi Gallery, London


13th September 2019

Neisha presents her first cushion collection for Fine Cell Work, a charity which makes beautiful handmade products in British prisons. ‘’What a joy to be working with Fine Cell Work and the prison inmates who have translated my designs with such sensitivity on to such beautiful handstitched needle point cushions. I really hope that they all enjoyed working with my designs as much as I have enjoyed watching the progress of this project‘’. The three designs Tango, Pyramid Trellis and Grape come in two colour ways each (shown in Radish) that can be easily coordinated to work together on a sofa. The collection has a Chinese/Japanese deco feel, and contains Neisha’s signature mixing of geometrics with florals, with a feeling of modern yet vintage. Available now at Fine Cell Work.


11th September 2019

Neisha has designed a collection of machine made wall-to-wall carpets in collaboration with Tim Page Carpets. Ten designs in a mixture of Axminster and Wilton qualities, along with one flat weave. Neisha says ‘This has been a wonderful opportunity to apply my patterns to wall to wall, machine tufted flooring. Different to designing a rug that is framed by it’s perimeter, the pattern for carpeting, like fabric, is infinite, and only gets framed by the walls of the room. It needs to be multi directional, no top, bottom or side!’. Available now at Tim Page Carpets.


Neisha has collaborated once again with Christopher Farr, to produce a capsule collection of screen printed lines. Punch Paisley and Puzzle, taken from the existing wallpaper collection, and are joined by Drum, a design resulting from an early encounter with block printing when Neisha was a student at Camberwell School of Art. Cutting simple marks into a small block of lino, students then spent a week rearranging and printing with it. Neisha says ‘ It was after that week that I appreciated how one simple shape could create many different complex patterns simply by changing sequences, spaces and colour.’ Colours range from Dark Indigo, Green, and Hot Pink to Pale Blue and Rose. Available now at Christopher Farr.


30th July 2019

Stylised flower heads set out in bold bands, FLORA was one of Neisha ‘s very first designs, printed onto silk chiffon for a scarf in 1996. This marked the beginning of a lasting interest in the simplicity of the paired down patterns of 17th century Japanese kimono fabrics. A 1950’s Northern European mood is mixed in to create an interesting ambiguity – ”I love the way that ambiguity can create an interesting tension and it makes you question where things come from‘’. The design has now been updated, in collaboration with Turnell & Gigon, into a sumptuous woven velvet upholstery/heavy curtain fabric, available in three colours – Oolong Blue, Lapsang Gold and Jasmine Ivory. Available now at Turnell and Gigon.


Neisha has launched three new geometric tile designs in collaboration with Fired Earth – Cross Stitch, Matchsticks and Turret. Pretty and distinctive, these encaustic cement tiles are available in two colours per design, ranging from soft chalky tones of Maize, Putty, Verde and Hyacinth to stronger tones of Azul and Sky Black. Suitable for walls and floors. Available now through Fired Earth.


19th March 2019

Charming Blackberry is one of four new hand embroidered fabrics launched in collaboration with Chelsea Textiles. Trailing Berry Flower, Gypsy border and smart geometric Cocteau make up this collection of new additions to the existing collection of twenty two designs. Especially selected to suit the hand embroidery that Chelsea Textiles is so renowned for, the designs have wide-ranging influences – from the 18th Century silk weaving of London’s East End and the Arts & Crafts Movement, to antique French embroidery and the photography of Karl Blossfeldt. An elegantly restrained palette of Eau de Nil, French Gray, Silver Grey, Mimosa, Lime-Yellow and Ivory is characteristic of Chelsea Textiles’ wonderfully gentle colour sense. Available now from Chelsea Textiles.


11th March 2019

After contributing to a book on the block prints of Barron and Larcher by Michal Silver, Creative Director at Christopher Farr, Michal invited Neisha to collaborate on a collection of screen printed wallcoverings with them. ‘It was possibly something to do with the fact that I had the block prints of Barron and Larcher fresh in my mind that gave me the appetite to recreate the wonderful warmth of the unplanned blotchy colour reticulation that comes with all hand block printing.’ The designs Punch Paisley, Jigsaw, Monkey Nut and Marimba bear Neisha’s signature style, but are processed through the Christopher Farr house style and colour palette – a mix of design genes and DNA to complement each other. The result is a strong collection that is fresh, pretty, dynamic and full of texture. Available now.


13th February 2019

Mah Jong takes its design cue from antique playing boards, as well as referencing the elegant and glamorous interiors of casinos such as Aspells and The Casino Royale. Handknotted in finest Tibetan wool, in a smokey palette of soft pewter and pebble greys, it joins Powder Room as one of two new designs available now from The Rug Company.


Powder Room draws inspiration from ladies’ powder rooms in grand hotel lobbies, as well as reflecting the gentleness of Moroccan Tadelakt plaster work. Handknotted in the finest Tibetan wool, and featuring a palette of neutral tones and greys, it joins Mah Jong as one of two new designs available to order now from The Rug Company.


7th August 2018

Introducing DOVETAIL, our new large-format, luxury vinyl floor tile. Neisha says “Marble/stone inlay floors as seen in Roman and Renaissance italy have been sources of inspiration. This is a design that delivers a clean, modern mood whilst still resonating with the classic antiquity of ancient Rome.” Practical and hard wearing, the tile comes in four colours Oxford Blue, Ink Black, Flax and Lavastone. Available now from Harvey Maria.


9th March 2018

Neisha brings shapely pattern to Artisans of Devizes with a new collaborative encaustic cement tile collection called JIGSAW. Her distinctive designs are arranged across a series of unusual tile shapes, from the usual square to diamond, fan and prolong hexagonal. These explore optic angles and stars, castellated edges, overlapping lines and dynamic geometrics – fitting together to create intriguing flooring and walling, in a kaleidescope of refreshing colour: dusty brights in pink, jade, primrose and pomegranate. Avaialble now from Artisans of Devizes.


5th March 2018

Neisha’s new Garden Wallpaper Collection launches this week in the Turnell & Gigon showroom at London Design Week, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Ten designs beautifully coloured in up to five colourways each, are digitally printed onto raffia-like grass cloths, rough and medium canvases and also on papers that have been given a lacquered look to the finish. Some are deisgned to give the cosy feel and look of fabric lined walls. Smart, elegant and timeless, the designs would suit a variety of interior styles – modern apartment blocks, period houses or English cottages – and some would not be out of place in Japanese Ryokans, Persian Palaces or Indian Forts. A collection full of patina, texture and lively colour combinations. Available now from Turnell & Gigon.


24th January 2018

Handmade and hand painted, Neisha’s new FLORIS Tile Collection includes 9 terracotta tile designs across 37 colourways, with different shapes and sizes. Florals, curly geometrics and tendrils are applied by hand, at times guided by an intricate stencil. The maker uses a fine bristled brush to capture every little detail. These tiles are further enhanced by their raw looking base – the glazed pattern on this matt finish creates an exuberant tactile effect. Now available, or to view by appointment on 020 7384 4424, at De Ferranti.