11th March 2019

After contributing to a book on the block prints of Barron and Larcher by Michal Silver, Creative Director at Christopher Farr, Michal invited Neisha to collaborate on a collection of screen printed wallcoverings with them. ‘It was possibly something to do with the fact that I had the block prints of Barron and Larcher fresh in my mind that gave me the appetite to recreate the wonderful warmth of the unplanned blotchy colour reticulation that comes with all hand block printing.’ The designs Punch Paisley, Jigsaw, Monkey Nut and Marimba bear Neisha’s signature style, but are processed through the Christopher Farr house style and colour palette – a mix of design genes and DNA to complement each other. The result is a strong collection that is fresh, pretty, dynamic and full of texture. Available now.

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