Hankyu 2002

Hankyu Department Stores in Japan had been good customers for years, placing scarf orders seasonally at the fashion trade fairs. One day they proposed a new and easier way of working - a license arrangement. They would finance, produce and retail the collections. Nearly two decades on this arrangement continues. Neisha designs two collections a year. Sadly, only available in Hankyu stores in Japan.

Tilt Silk Twill, Lemon Blue

Sunburst Silk Chiffon, Coral

Shattered Wool, Spice

Dahlia Wool, Pollen Yellow

Giant Leaf Wool, Mint

Rudder Silk Chiffon, Apricot Rose

Zebra Wobbledot Silk, Sherbert Lime

Cupola Fine Wool, Lavender Gold

Keystone Silk Chiffon, Jade Sky

Paisley Wool, Amethyst

Aladdin Silk Twill, Orange

Aladdin Silk Twill, Orange