TURNELL & GIGON Culpeper 24th September 2014

The wood block feel of 'Culpeper', with it's lifesize flowers, is joyous and bold. Mughal flower paintings and carvings were the catalyst for this design, alongside an old edition of 'Culpeper's Complete Herbal', a gift to Neisha as a child from her grandfather. Part of our new 'Poppaea' wallpaper collection, now available exclusively through our worldwide distributor Turnell & Gigon

TURNELL & GIGON Furrow 23rd September 2014

Zig-zag geometrics decorating the walls of African slave quarters at Villa Poppaea kick started 'Furrow'. Neisha says 'I liked the idea of a chain link as an ironical nod to being chained in by ball and chain, but it also reminded me of a tractor tyre tread, and the furrows in a field.' Part of our new 'Poppaea wallpaper collection, now available exclusively through our worldwide distributor Turnell & Gigon.

TURNELL & GIGON Rose 22nd September 2014

17th Century Indienne flower designs formed part of the inspiration for 'Rose', an elegant, rambling climber with burgeoning fantasy roses. Teamed up here with 'Furrow', kick started by zig-zag geometrics seen in Villa Poppaea.  Both part of our new 'Poppaea' wallpaper collection, and perfect in partnership! Now available exclusively through our worldwide distributor Turnell & Gigon.

TURNELL & GIGON Blackberry 21st September 2014

An old Alsatian embroidery inspired 'Blackberry', one of the four designs in our new 'Poppaea' wallpaper collection. It has a curious Arts & Crafts feel, as three plaited rows of twisted branches bearing blackberries and leaves weave their way up the paper. Colours are gentle Almond Milk, Daisy White and Gooseberry Green. Now available, exclusively through our worldwide distributor Turnell & Gigon.

TURNELL & GIGON Poppaea 21st August 2014

"I hope that this collection gives you the same joyous feeling that I got from the delightful frescoes...that decorate so beautifully the walls of this perfectly preserved villa". So says Neisha of Villa Poppaea, the roman seaside villa used by the notrious wife of Emporer Nero, Poppaea Sabina, for 'rituals of receptions and leisure, and no doubt pleasure". Just some of the inspiration behind our new 'Poppaea' wallpaper collection, due for launch at the end of September. Watch this space!

HANKYU New Scarves 11th August 2014

Printed in a bright Aureolin yellow onto a smart square of crisp and elegant silk twill, 'Palm' is one of the new scarves now available at our Online Store. Designs include geometric 'Tilt', the paisley-esque 'Architectural', Romany inspired 'Caravan' and stylaised floral 'Coin'. Colours are rich and pigment-like, or soft and delicate. Browse here now...


Discover the indoor, outdoor life of Neisha's courtyard garden in this month's issue of 'Gardens Illustrated' magazine.

CHELSEA TEXTILES New Embroideries 9th May 2014

Charming and delicate, Mistletoe is just one of our eight new hand embroidered fabric designs launched in collaboration with Chelsea Textiles. Watch this space for more news on the trailing florals, simple sprigs and geometric layouts that make up this beautiful new collection.


Florentine and Haveli tile collections mix and match in the Life & Style section of Elle Decoration's May issue. View our full range of tiles here.

BLOG FEATURE This is 50 4th February 2014

'My creativity gives me an inner life to retreat to.' Neisha talks to photographer Kristen Peres' on her 'This is 50' blog...