Earthenware Obscura
Wednesday, 12. June 2013

The work belongs to Norwegian ceramic artist Marit Tingleff. It is so painterly, that it made me think of canvases rather than ceramics. With painting, it's spontaneous - what you put on the canvas is what you end up with. Here, there is the same spontaneity of colour and expression, despite the much lengthier and more prelonged process of firing and glazing. Surely there are several different stages, during which time the colours change drastically? Still her glowing colours have such depth and vibrancy and her strokes are loose and uncontrolled. I'm no expert but I'm sure the glazing skills in Tingleff's work are fairly amazing.  

The scallop shapes of some of the dishes remind me of the seashells; and there's an earthiness to the colour that evokes sealike, earthy things such as the markings on seaweed-covered pebbles. The pigments have a mineral or vegetable quality that make the pots look like mountains or stones, so natural yet they're completely manmade. Plus, some of Tingleff's pieces are over 2m long! What an extraordinary feat to even make and transport pieces that size. 





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Earthenware Obscura